Monday, May 11, 2009

1057 Windy Cumulus

It was really windy! Whitecaps covered the waters of the St Lawrence. Waves got up to three feet in height and although I have paddled in higher waves, I was glad that I had left the canoe in the boat house. Early May is not the time to go for a swim.

Cumulus clouds developed in the unstable air mass and some even produced virga. I liked the way the lifted condensation levels of the cumulus faded in the distance. There were also interesting colour effects on the American shore to the northeast.

It was really chilly in the wind off the water. I even put a glove on my palette hand to stay warm. It might have been 11 Celsius but it felt colder. I could have used a coat instead of my blaze orange sweatshirt – I certainly wasn’t sweating!

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