Monday, May 11, 2009

1058 Windy Island

This island is just north of LiLac Island. The wind was stirring the waves around and I was getting reflection and refraction of waves off the granite shore. The water was choppy. The wind blown, flagged trees clearly revealed the strong and prevailing wind direction from the southwest. There was no easy way to beach the canoe on this piece of rock. A rock with a tree is an island according to the accepted definition in the St Lawrence. This piece of granite more than qualified although one would not have enough room to construct any kind of building.

The different colours of granite result because the higher rocks above the ice and water line are covered with lichen. The lowers rocks are scrubbed clean by the ice and waves. I always find the colours of granite interesting.

The pesky and hungry black flies are out and prevented me from painting in the woods.

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