Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Windy St Lawrence

This is the view northeastward from the balcony of the condo at 11 am. I fished walleye with Big Brother Jim in the early morning but still had time to continue to experiment with my water mixable oil paints again. The sky is always an “OK” subject.

The bank of altocumulus cloud was ahead of a cold front but hemmed in by a prefrontal deformation zone. A high band of thin jet stream cirrus was along a more west to east orientation and was associated with the more southern frontal system. I think that the lower cloud along the northeastern horizon was warm sector stratocumulus associated with the brisk southwesterly winds.
The winds were the real story on the northwest side of the ridge of high pressure. The winds and waves made fishing tough and the day was just going to getting windier. That is why I was back early enough to spend some time painting. The white caps of the waves speckled the St Lawrence as I was putting the finishing touches on the painting.
Medium burnt sienna, oil tinted canvas board 10x12.

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