Monday, May 18, 2009

Morning Pancakes

This is the view eastward from the balcony of the condo at 10 am – before the cumulus had a chance to get too vigourous. These flat cumuli always remind me of pancakes and they are most likely in the early morning which explains the cryptic title. The northeasterly winds were funneling up the St Lawrence as a cold high pressure centre passed to the north. The cumulus clouds were not going to develop much if any under the capping subsidence inversion with the ridge of the high pressure. The chilly winds were actually increasing with height as evidenced by the cloud curls on the top edges. I liked both the colours of the clouds and the sky. The lifted condensation level for the air mass is fairly high indicating that the flow is dry. There was widespread frost the night before across most of eastern Ontario.

The angle of the American shore slopes downward from right to left as it should with the flow of the St Lawrence. The distant trees were still dark and mainly in shadow.

This was my first experiment with water mixable oils. I like them very much. They are buttery and the pigments mix well like my regular oils. My Friend Doug Purdon introduced me to them and I will certainly continue to use them.

Medium burnt sienna, oil tinted canvas board 10x12.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dad, Glad you like the new paints... easier to clean up too!! That will make everyone happy.