Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Smoke Lake Cumulus"

I still had hours until I had to be at the Algonquin Arts Centre Opening so I decided to check out the Smoke Lake boat ramp - it was a great decision. There were no bugs on the docks and I was able to paint in peace with a broad vista to the south. The cumulus clouds were well developed and were my main subjects. Jet stream cirrus and cirrostratus were streaming in from the west and heralding the approaching low pressure area and rain. This rain would come to pass as the deformation zone had pushed well to the north of Algonquin Park.
I started out painting on the floating dock but had to move to the shore due to the boat traffic in and out of the boat ramp. The dock bounced up and down and it was difficult to keep the brush on the canvas. Two young couples came by, admired my work and called me Tom Thomson - it was nice:>)

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