Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman - in Algonquin Park

8 pm Monday July 6th at the Amplitheatre at 35.4 Kilometre in Algonquin Park

Here is the advertising going to the Algonquin campers and supporters...

"What inspired Tom Thomson, one of Canada’s greatest artists? Join Phil “The Forecaster” Chadwick as he tries to convince you that the weather was Thomson’s inspiration and that the proof is in the painting. "

Phil the Forecaster is a nuclear physicist turned meteorologist but has always been an artist. Phil Chadwick paints mostly "en plein air" in oils on canvas outside, surrounded by inspiration. Canoeing, birding, camping and bee keeping rounds out the passion that Phil has for life and the environment.

Phil has been building on this presentation from the early 1990's. Based on the work of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, it could last days - but this one won't :>)

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