Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Front Porch View

A wall of drizzle crossed the lake as I headed out to get my easel. The drizzle changed to rain so I set up my gear under the front porch. The view to the northeast across the field is spectacular. The fall colours were just starting but the real attraction for me continues to be the play of light through the holes in the trees - especially the white pines. The darker shapes in the sky are the nimbostratus cloud bases while the whiter swirls as the rain. The sky was starting to brighten as I finished up the painting. Wednesday morning September 26th.


J & B said...

That is beautiful Phil I can feel the Fall

Bruce Sherman said...

Good for you Phil... getting "out there"! I like the rainy... grey days... simply because the aerial perspective helps to neutralize the sometimes (too)overwhelmingly vivid reds!

A nice quick study!

Good luck with your trip to The Park!