Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Sky 2012

I try to do a September skyscape every year. The skies start to get increasingly interesting in September after the blue bird skies of summer. This is the 2012 effort. A band of rain passed through Singleton Lake in the morning along a trough line. The air mass remained convectively unstable and southwesterly streets of cumulus developed after a very brief period of clearing. It got progressively stormy and gusty as I painted. The gusty winds are a signature for an unstable air mass. Showers and towering cumulus clouds threatened several times but I was able to finish this before the cold frontal showers arrived.
A turkey vulture took a passing look at me and I stroked it in with the but end of my brush. It was gone in a second with the strong winds.

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J & B said...

Another good one Phil! Love the sky, water and trees.
You must be a Fall Man