Friday, September 7, 2012

Killarney: the Annual Adventure - Southampton Art School

Killarney became one of my main painting destinations in 2006 ... and every October thereafter when the autumn colours are at their peak and the water is still warm and there are no biting insects. It is a magical area of red rock, trees and water. It is no wonder why the Group of Seven were so inspired by the natural beauty of the region. I know the Group of One continues to be inspired by the rugged nature and the equally rugged weather. It is worth the drive! "Wave Action" to above is a typcial scene that we will see. The image below, courtesy of Patrick Boerlin shows the kind of "work" we do en plein air in Killarney.
The food at the Killarney Mountain Lodge is simply amazing. The evenings around the circular fire place - sometimes with a live band - over a beverage or two - are incomparable. The Southampton Art School says we still have some room for others to join us. They try to keep the group size less than 10.... Link to Southampton Art School's Killarney. I hope you can come along!

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wendyytb said...

Thank you for posting this. I kayaked in this area several years ago. This is a lovely visual reminder!