Monday, September 24, 2012

The Passion of Phil the Forecaster

The art book was published this morning. I think it will be OK. It is harder than you might think. There is an e-book version as well for the iPod. Hard copies are not inexpensive but there are 120 pages on premium paper to consider.  Here is a snippet from the first page ...
 "Write what you know about..." Mark TwainWell, there aren't that many words in this 120 page book so I guess I don't know much ... but there are lots of pictures and maybe they are worth thousands and thousands of words. This is one time it may be best for me to remain silent and let my art do the talking. Thanks for listening!    The "Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman" book is next... but I had better paint first and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.
Warmest regards, Phil

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