Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthplace of the National Flag of Canada Act, 2013

Bill 57 Recognizes Brockville, Ontario as the Birthplace of the Canadian Flag, A significant milestone was achieved yesterday for the “50 Years of Our Flag” project when Steve Clark, MPP Leeds-Grenville introduced Bill 57, a Private Member’s Bill to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario that recognizes Brockville, Ontario as the birthplace of the national flag of Canada. As we approach the 50th anniversary in 2015 of the birth of the Canadian flag, it is an appropriate time to understand and celebrate the events and people responsible for this milestone event in Canadian history.
“It was an honour to introduce Bill 57 in recognition of how integral the Honourable John Ross Matheson and the City of Brockville were to the birth of Canada’s National Flag,” said Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark. “This is a very important part of the city’s heritage and something unique for us to celebrate. I’m so proud of the work the 50 Years of our Flag Committee is doing to tell this story and it’s a privilege to be part of those efforts.”

The “50 Years of Our Flag” Committee is a local citizen’s committee formed to raise awareness of the history and significance of the birth of the Canadian flag and to commemorate the individuals who were instrumental in the process. The Committee has many projects and initiatives planned over the coming years including renaming of the former Jail Street South, to “John Ross Matheson Way” in recognition of Mr. Matheson’s significant contributions to the region and to Canada. A ceremony is planned on-site at 4:00 p.m. on May 13, 2013.
"We are delighted with the support that our initiative has received from so many levels of government and individuals.” said Bob Harper, Chairman of the “50 Years of Our Flag” Committee. “The introduction of Bill 57 by Mr. Clark is a tremendous boost to the efforts of our committee and is a fitting tribute to a great Canadian and former Brockville citizen. This new Bill is a tremendous accomplishment that will link the City of Brockville with the man and the events that led to the birth of our Canadian flag forever For more information about the “50 Years of Our Flag” commemorations visit

I am very proud to be a founding member of this committee with Bob Harper. The project's star is definitely rising and it looks like we are on track to succeed with all of the projects. I was painting on the laser lettering again today... give me another month or so...

The draft of my painting as approved by John Ross Matheson is included ... This has been published in the press so I am not giving anything away. The art work will be a bit different.

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