Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cold Front

This view is looking easterly across the open field beside the Singleton Studio. A cold front had just passed through and I wanted to catch the convective clouds along the front before they got too far to the east and before the temperatures dropped too much. Typically just behind a katabatic (inactive) cold front skies clear pretty rapidly. Low cold air mass stratocumulus will likely fill back in after an hour or two especially if aided by daytime heating and strong northwesterly winds. All of the very limited weather is ahead of the surface cold front - that is the wall of altostratus in the painting. The towering cumulus which gave a few drops of rain on the windows were going up right at the surface cold front well behind the altostratus deck aligned parallel to the cold front. There was almost no precipitation on the front - at least at Singleton Lake. The regions ahead of the front had more precipitation south of the St Lawrence probably aided by the warm Lake Ontario and the orographic effects of the Tug Hills. I always like the way the majestic white pines stand out alone against the sky. I managed to get the colours right on - it was a good afternoon.

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Aleta Karstad said...

Awesome on site painting, Phil - you can feel the freshness of the cold air coming in. Isn't it interesting that combinations of colours can do that!