Sunday, June 16, 2013

Arabella Canadian Landscape Contest if life isn't busy enough I am also a participant in the Arabella Canadian Landscape Contest - Capturing the Beauty and Emotional Spirit of Canada. It was a natural reflex for me to participate. I entered three paintings that I completed just before embarking on the "50 Years of Our Flag" Project. Both endeavours  promote the passion we share for Canada. These paintings were completed as I also constructed the Singleton Lake Studio and Home... let's hope that they are worthy tributes to the beauty of Canada.

The following is from the ACL website and it details how you can vote for the people's choice award. There is a lot of fine art! I invite you to take a close look at it all. The above image and this link takes you to the Arabella Launching Pad - blast into Canadiana from here. Here is a link directly to my Arabella page... 

"Share Your Love of Art! Share Your Love of Canada! ARABELLA invites you to become a part of our Great Canadian Landscape Painting contest!  Register and cast your vote for your favourite artists and their works!

Contemporary art plays an important role in telling Canada’s story. Over 100 artists present you with an outstanding collection of more than 300 contemporary works portraying the emotional power of landscape art in shaping Canadian identity in different parts of the country."

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