Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hot Sector

It was the "hot sector" and not just the "warm sector" of the weather system to me. It was stil "hot" even though the warm front had just slipped south of Singleton Lake in the wake of a small low rippling along the frontal surface. The low level stratus fractus pieces where shaped by the weak northwesterly winds - as were the developing cumulus. The air mass was also quite unstable even at 10 am. Gravity waves aloft revealed strong westerly winds. The hot and muggy air would return in the afternoon and the frontal zone would likely be the focus form more thunderstorms. The moisture dripped down my back. The water was absolutely calm. All of this played out in the skies above but I doubt if anyone else noticed or even cared.

Oils on cobalt blue acrylic tinted foundation on commercial canvas - 8 X 10 (inches)

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