Friday, June 28, 2013

Canada Day 2013 - Preparations - Part Two

In my Blog entry “Two Paintings for the 50 Years of Our Flag Project” I explained the insurance policy reason for completing two paintings when only one was commissioned. I believe in service and doing ones very best. As well I wanted to please! I was labelled as an “over-achiever” in school and I never really knew (or cared) if they felt it was a good or bad thing.
The sibling painting is #1301 called "50 Years of Our Flag". I needed a different title so I just went with the main point of the entire project and focused on the anniversary of our flag. This painting was started on December 20th, 2012 along with #1300 "Celebration of 50 Years of Our Flag".
It is not an exact copy. Some of the weather and shapes are different. I made some changes for personal, artistic and compositional reasons but they are neither right or wrong – just different. The meteorologists in the crowd will immediately notice that the turbulent stratocumulus in the westerly flow behind the cold front has been replaced by cirrus approaching Killarney Light! The importance of this change in cloud type will be a 10 mark question in the accompanying exam.  There is also no bunny in the towering cumulus over the Oak Ridges Moraine!  This painting is still close to the original and approved commissioned design. I do not enjoy copying something and after all, art and life are supposed to be fun! Creativity is seldom achieved when one is in the act of simply replicating something - even if that something is nature or something you love.

This second similar painting was completed simply to support the "50 Years of Our Flag" Project. The details of this excellent project can be found at

The painting will also be sold through a bidding process. No prints are planned for this painting. Contact either me or Bob Harper (

By the way, the 2013 Canada Day Weather in Brockville looks ideal with a pleasant outflow from a high parked over James Bay - enough to unfurl any flag. A weather system passing south of Brockville should bring in some high cloudiness but the associated rain will stay south of the St Lawrence River - even if I have to do my patented "rain dance"...

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