Tuesday, September 24, 2013

33 Front Street, Rockport

It was time to shift gears and try something architectural. This historic Rockport home was built by a ship builder. The inside is graced by wooden ceilings and finely crafted wood arches for doorways. The type of workmanship and attention to detail is largely a thing of the past. The shadow of the large white oak in front of me kept time like a sun dial. A pair of crows carried on a very intelligent conversation as they tossed small twigs down to the ground and probably ate the occasional acorn. This is why one paints en plein air. A patron came by and wanted to purchase it on the spot. I still had to sign my name and photograph it for the records... and to be fare to other patrons.

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J & B said...

Crows are so intelligent they were probably discussing your work, the more twigs the more they liked it!