Friday, September 6, 2013

Brockville-Birthplace of the Canadian Flag

The picture kind of sums it all up. That is Bob Harper, Chair of the 50 Years of Our Flag Committee on the left and  Dave Paul, Economic Development Director for the City of Brockville. Brockville is officially recognized as the “Birthplace of the Canadian Flag”. The supporting evidence is really very convincing. Visit  for just some of this evidence. More is coming.

Steve Clark, MPP Leeds-Grenville introduced Bill 57, a Private Member’s Bill to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario that recognizes Brockville, Ontario as the birthplace of the national flag of Canada.  “It was an honour to introduce Bill 57 in recognition of how integral the Honourable John Ross Matheson and the City of Brockville were to the birth of Canada’s National Flag,” said Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark. “This is a very important part of the city’s heritage and something unique for us to celebrate. I’m so proud of the work the 50 Years of our Flag Committee is doing to tell this story and it’s a privilege to be part of those efforts.” A similar Private Member’s Bill is ready to go to the Parliament of Canada. 

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