Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Turtle Hatch 2013

Earlier I wrote about building protectors for turtle nests around Singleton Lake. The wooden protectors were very successful. The skunks and raccoons were reluctant to lift them even though they easily could.
Well the hatch has finally begun a few days after the forecast. Some of the nests appear to be dry wells - the mother turtle apparently thought she was in labour but after going to the work of digging the deep hole, discovered that no eggs were forthcoming. I investigated a few of these nests only to find "nothing".
This little northern map turtle was headed the wrong way about 50 metres from the lake. I gave it a free ride to the lake shore after taking its picture.
The stink pot turtle nest is still quiet but I know there are eggs in that one. They were due to hatch on September 2nd.

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