Monday, September 16, 2013

St. Brendan's

This was the first morning of the IPAP World-Wide Paint Out - Rockport in the heart of the Thousand Islands Edition. We had more than 20 artists participating in the creative fun. Tourists attracted by the several boat tours stayed to watch the artists.

This is the view from the Dock of the Cornwall Boathouse Tavern looking across the bay toward St. Brendan's Roman Catholic Church (1891). The church was named after the Irish monk St. Brendan the Voyager (848-578) who reportedly reached North America over 900 years before Columbus. Sailors have adopted him as their patron saint. I thought maybe we could adopt him as a patron saints of free-spirited artists as well. That is the "Queen of Peace" statue to the left standing on top of the granite cliff.

It was a chilly morning after the cold front the previous evening. The sun never really peaked through the thick layer of turbulent stratocumulus clouds.

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