Wednesday, October 2, 2013

50 Years of Our Flag - Update

Thirteen is our lucky number! So far the initiatives and accomplishments of the 50 Years of Our Flag Committee tallies to lucky thirteen in 2013. There is much more to come including an educational program and maybe a stamp. The Committee has entered the Aviva Community Fund to hopefully gets some funds for the "Fly More Flags" program. Vote early and often at

1. The 50 Years of Our Flag Project began Aug 2011 with meetings between John Ross Matheson and the future Chair of the 50 Years of Our Flag Committee.
2. Our committee was formed in September of 2012 with a mandate to raise awareness of the history and upcoming 50th anniversary of our Canadian Flag. I was there from the very start.
3. The successful renaming of John Ross Matheson Way, the street in front of the County Courthouse in Brockville.
4. The commissioning and completion of the Commemorative painting with the detailed assistance of John Ross Matheson.
5. The 160 foot Flag pole, 35x70 foot Flag, Monument and Plaque installation and celebration on Canada Day 2013.
6. The introduction of Bill 57 by Steve Clark MPP - Brockville as the Birthplace of the Canadian Flag.
7. The installation by the City of Brockville of the new Gateway Signs stating Brockville as the Birthplace of the Canadian Flag.
8. Downtown Business Improvement Area agrees to fly Canadian Flags on light poles in the downtown core starting in 2014.
9. Development of the Pledge To the Maple Leaf Flag of Canada.
10. Campaign to bring awareness to the history and upcoming 50th Flag Anniversary through website, social media, radio and newspapers.
11. Mural to be painted by local school students and placed in the Centre Court of the 1000 Islands Mall  being planned.
12. The "Fly More Flags" initiative is ongoing and will be developed with a prominent national Canadian Corporation and is ongoing. This is both a Brockville and National initiative.
13. To create a National Celebration to be held in Brockville Ontario “Birthplace of Canada’s Flag”  on February 15th 2015.

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