Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Better Farming

After 15 years of writing about weather related topics for Better Farming magazine my friend and co-worker Henry Hengeveld filed his last column in August.  David Phillips, Environment Canada chief climatologist, long-time associate of Henry's and another very dear friend, suggested the Editors contact me to see if I would consider trying to "phil" Henry's shoes. I was at first very, very reluctant to follow such a talented and dedicated researcher and climatologist as Henry. However, life is an adventure and after some chats with Robert Irwin who is also an avid canoeist, I decided to give the Weather column a try and get my feet wet.

Better Farming's circulation is about 38,000. and they focus on the business (not the lifestyle) of farming in Ontario. Those who work the land are on the front line of unprecedented changes to the environment and the climate. I thought that maybe I could bring some explanations as to why these changes are occurring and just maybe assist in the farmers, the foundation of our society, adapt to and survive these challenges. To quote my colourful, favourite modern philosopher, "We are all in this together".

The first column explaining the impacts of climate change on the jet stream appeared in October. 

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