Wednesday, October 23, 2013

George Lake

I have painted from this precise location before. Campsite 77 at Killarney Provincial Park offers the best view of George Lake from atop a huge granite cliff. The clear night had allowed the granite to cool and it was now “sweating” in the warmer and more moist air mass the accompanied the southerly breezes. The slippery rock surface made it quite treacherous to get too close to the edge. A curious and sure-footed red fox checked us out as we painted. I expect that others might have fed the handsome fellow.
There is so much in this vista that one has to pick and choose just what to include. Every time one attempts to “plein air” this scene should produce a different result. I think this is my fourth attempt to do the scene justice.
I have gotten to know the “Friends of ‘Killarney” over the years. They continue to keep the area as one of the brightest jewels of Ontario. I have donated paintings to their worthy cause.


Time Spent said...

Hi Phil
Enjoyed your interpretations of Camp Site 77 , Killarney Provincial Park.
We made a quick trip up there on Oct. 29th and while there, despite the cold made even colder by a north wind, I managed a quick sketch from this same camp site. A spectacular view. Despite having made a couple of hundred sketches and paintings of the park I never tire of doing more. Inspiration around every corner.

Thank you for your continuing support for the Friends of Killarney Park.

Ernest Somers

Phil Chadwick said...

Very true words indeed Ernest! Thank you. Killarney is one of those special places.