Friday, October 18, 2013

Killarney Channel

The “hang back”, comma head precipitation arrived. The timing was perfect as we were just finishing up our morning session at 11:58 am. The light changes at noon and it meant that we had time to enjoy a terrific lunch at the Killarney Mountain Lodge.
 In anticipation I had arranged with the Lodge to paint from the Carousel Room. Imagine a large circular room encased in glass with a friendly fire crackling away from the fireplace in the middle of the carousel. The winds had shifted to the northwest behind the “hang back”. Rain showers occasionally pelted the glass. We painted looking outside but basking in the warmth of the fire.
Here is what I came up with looking to the northeast shore of Killarney Channel. I liked the colours and contours of the granite interplayed with the few leaves clinging on and trying not to fall in the stiff and wet northwest wind. It was fun but does it qualify for plein air? You be the judge.

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