Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long Reach Rain

The title is meant to sound like the name of our lane as well as to describe the spits of liquid that I observed as I was making a note of the scene. This view is looking southeasterly across Chip O'Connor's point toward Long Reach. The thinner and brighter cirrostratus cloud on the southeastern horizon was being replaced by nimbostratus cloud and rain. The sliver of altostratus cloud behind the mid level deformation zone was a classic signature for the approaching low pressure area. The calm winds would be replaced by blustery and potential damaging westerly wind not long after I got back. The approaching storm had a precipitable water content about 300% of the climatological normals for November. Heavy rain and severe convection was likely. As it turned out, thee were more than 80 tornadoes across the United States.

The painting was completed on a panel mounted to a stretcher frame built by my Dad. Panels are conducive to the use of a lot of paint. I painted wet on wet. 

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