Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shagbark "Nuts"

For the last several years we have had a bumper crop of nuts from the shagbark hickory in the front yard. They bounce off the metal roof. Normally I just leave them for the squirrels and chipmunks to harvest. This year I picked thousands of nuts and shared those with the Land Stewardship Council who also came to pick their own. They will start these nuts and then distribute the small trees to land owners in need.

I also scattered nuts throughout the property. We already have many shagbark hickories but a few more are certainly welcome. They are excellent mast trees and grow well on this land. I also placed a large pile for the squirrels to enjoy and plant. The cat must have discovered that the squirrels, mice and other rodents also like the pile of shagbark nuts. She stalks the pile of nuts full time. I try to discourage her from hunting but that is her instinct.

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