Thursday, November 28, 2013

Singleton Snow Day

Snow is beautiful especially if you don't have to travel. We had about 30 cm of snow overnight. Light snow continued as I painted. The only sound was chatter of the mergansers on the lake and the hum of the backup generator. Hydro went out at 5 am and wouldn't be back for hours. It was a perfect day to paint. The forecast was perfect from my good friend Robbie Kuhn.

The scene is a tangle of branches and boughs weighed down by heavy, wet snow. I had fun.


J & B said...

Love this one so Canadian! don't think I would
fancy plein air though.

Robert P. Hedden said...

Phil, being just about south of you on Wellesley Island we had about the same amount of snow. Took a lot of beautiful photos as it was a wet snow and clung to all the trees with no wind. I pictured painting things with titles like "Lacework" or "Natures Doilies". Then, as I was wishing I was painting, I listened to my snow blower clean the wake in front of the cars left by my plow guy, and then all the white stuff between the cars, then I took a nap.