Friday, January 17, 2014

Carbon 14 at the ROM

Carbon 14: Climate is Culture
"Four months of cultural engagement visioning the challenge and the possible future, a unique and powerful narrative engagement with what is one of the most pressing issues of our time, climate change."

Carbon 14: Climate is Culture is the inaugural programming coming out of the North American office of Cape Farewell – the Cape Farewell Foundation, based in Toronto. It is a two-year project that began with an intensive workshop on the shores of Lake Ontario in the fall of 2011 and continues with a wide range of programming activities, culminating in a major exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) Centre for Contemporary Culture, a performing arts festival with The Theatre Centre (Toronto), and a rich series of public programs and events.

My entire 14 minute Carbon 14 interview was recorded on the first and only take. It was not scripted. There was no make-up and no tele-prompter I could have really benefited from both. It was an honest and off the top answer to an honest question. Climate change is a reality. To deny the science or doubt the observations is to be totally blind to reality. Ironically it was a really cold and windy day in Downsview. That is weather. It was still milder than what climate would have suggested.

I plan to go to the Carbon 14 exhibit when I get a chance. This video is only a snippet of the interview and I 
chopped it and degraded the video to make it fit. This is an experiment for me. 

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