Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Passing of John Ross Matheson

I wrote this entry on December 27th but waited until now to post it.
"I will be brief... It brings me great sorrow to report the passing of our friend and co-worker John Ross Matheson on  the morning of Friday December 27th, 2013. The loss is the most endearing and emotion felt at this time and we offer our prayers and thoughts for every member of the Matheson family.

Canada has lost a true Canadian icon with John’s passing. The 50 Years of Our Flag Committee can only hope that what we have accomplished in the past few years combined with what we will accomplish in the next year, will bring the Canadian people closer to understand the magnitude of what John Ross Matheson gave to his country.

Beyond any doubt, he is and always should be remembered as a patriotic hero, a loving husband, Dad and Grandfather. To the members of the 50 Years of Our Flag Committee it will always be a true honour to let everyone in the world know, he was our friend.

The accompanying picture is one I took in late November. Bob and I were with John discussing some of the coming projects of the 50 Years of Our Flag Committee. The twinkle in his eyes and the smile on his face tells the entire story - John loved life and helping others. The picture in his hand is of the Muir Maple tree but that is another story. This is how I wish to remember our friend..."

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