Monday, January 27, 2014

Lily Swirls - and Please Ignore Weird Posts - They are not from me!

I made some more time for lily pads. They are fun. I liked the lilies than have gone past their prime and were more brown and orange than green. I used all of my blues and yellows to mix just the right colours for these lily pads. I do not as a rule use green paint. With no tooth on the panel surface I had to swirl the paint on to the panel in pools of colour. What could be more fun?

You may have noticed some very weird posts. My research shows they are probably "referrer spam hits from search engines" and somehow the entries are posted on my site. I have contacted Google twice to correct this problem. Linked-In change of password notification posted on my Blog is an example of this or maybe another problem. I just want to paint and share the art - and not worry about the dark side of the web. Please bear with me while I track this problem down. 

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