Sunday, January 12, 2014

Paradise - Follow-up to Ontario Storm Prediction Interview

I had some requests for a better view of "Paradise" that was hanging over Dave Phillips left shoulder in this interview. The full interview "One on One with Peter Mansbridge" plays today. That painting has evolved into my signature piece. I still try to produce a painting that I like better but that is very tough to do. I have been offered crazy money for it but "Paradise" is one of only a very few that we have held on to.
It was a special Sunday afternoon (February 21st, 2001) and the paint just flowed. It was a time before my Dad passed away, before 911, before the recent wars - a simpler time when all that mattered was getting to the end of the portage from Bass to Shoal Lake in Restoule. I painted this from photographs but more importantly, from the memories etched in my brain. Maybe that is where the best art has to come from?

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