Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1503 Secret Cascade

This is the son (or daughter, I do not know which) of #1478 "Forest Waterfall" ... "The sound of the waterfall was unmistakable in the forest. I landed the canoe and started looking. It was exactly what I had hoped that I would find. The heavy summer rains were still draining from the Killarney highlands. This waterfall was just 30 feet from making it to Charlton Lake. The midday sun occasionally broke through the trees to illuminate the tumbling water. It wasn't a mighty fall of water but for me, it was just what I needed."
Turning a 14x11 inch plein air painting into 4x3 footer is a challenge. There is always the need for more information to fill in the blanks. I alternated from feeling that this effort was going to be something really special to wondering "what the hell" am thinking. I was trying to keep the vitality of the sketch alive in the strokes on the larger canvas without going to abstract or even weird. This kind of exercise sometimes needs a rational supervisor to say "OK, you have worked hard enough. Step away from the easel". I realize that less can be more but isn't more, sometimes more? We shall see... wish me luck. I will take luck over skill sometimes ...