Wednesday, July 29, 2015

844 Wind Blown

Started Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006. There are a thousand paintings there left to be painted!
On Tuesday afternoon I headed back to the Chickanishing Creek Trail with "Margaritaville. It was an easy paddle out to Georgian Bay down the creek. The Chickanishing Creek Trail is about 8 kilometres north of Killarney just inside the southern boundary of Killarney Provincial Park.
I set up on the very edge of the water looking northerly toward the large island at the mouth of Chickanishing Creek. The surface wind was light easterly while the winds at cloud level were still westerly. Streets of cumulus cloud were developing over the land and then dissipating as they headed out over the cold waters of Georgian Bay. The winds had still not shifted around to the east. This occurred near the end of my afternoon painting session when the influence of the approaching surface trough made itself dominant. The trees on the shores of Georgian Bay are all "wind blown" and thus the name for this painting.

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