Tuesday, July 21, 2015

988 Three Sisters

Started around 12:15 pm on Wednesday June 11, 2008.
And the clouds just keep on rolling. Starting just after high noon, I sketched the view to the northeast looking from the balcony of the condo at 55 Water Street East. The towering cumulus clouds are what caught my eye. They developed and moved off so quickly that what resulted in the painting is a composite of many different individual clouds. Thank goodness that the islands and terrain did not move as well. The condo Kitty seemed to approve.
At one time a bridge was planned to join Brockville with Morristown with the three islands, the Three Sisters providing the base for the towers supporting the spans. That never happened although there is some stone work on the closest of the islands. Traffic would have landed on the lawns of Fulford Place, however, and Senator Fulford managed to block completion of the project. Had it been completed, the history of the region would have been quite different.

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