Monday, July 20, 2015

982 Savage Sunrise

Started 8:30 am Monday May 12th, 2008. Painting Place at N44.50688 W75.78943.
This was painted from the southwest point of Green (A) Island overlooking the flat granite point of Savage Island. The sun was still getting up.
I was planning to paint from the other point but I noticed a Canada goose on a nest and I didn’t wish to disturb her. She (or he) got quite used to me after a while and we did not bother each other. The mate spent its time paddling around in front keeping an eye on me. The geese seemed to remember me and didn’t put up much of a fuss.
The osprey were still playing at there nest. Their call is more like that of a songbird and not a raptor!
The clouds on the southwestern horizon were thickening up from cirrostratus into the odd band of detached altostratus. A low pressure area was on the way and the northeasterlies up the river responded, The waves on the way back to shore were rather large with white caps. As a result the Savage sunrise was foretelling stormy weather on the way. It came to pass.

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