Saturday, August 17, 2013

Consensus Harbour

The afternoon sun was destined to cook us on Scubby`s Bluff so we retreated to the shade along the south shore of the mighty Saugeen River. As always I do a demo to get the creative juices and inspiration flowing. This time though the group decided on the composition! We all would start with the same basic composition and see what evolved. To build it I stood with my easel and fielded suggestions and sketched them on the canvas to see if they would work – or not. It was an interesting and fun approach and put me completely out of my comfort zone.

In the following hours I still mingled and offered suggestions but I spent enough time to develop the painting that the group suggested. They really liked the final result so I guess that I do as well. What a fun group to paint with. This approach will be tried again.

The deformation zone of cirrostratus coming at us was a compositional invention to keep and lead the viewer`s eye around the painting. There was indeed no super storm on the southwestern horizon. We would enjoy more fair weather for the last day of the `Toast to Jane Champagne``.

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