Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fleeting Reflection

These are the two boats directly south of Scubby`s Bluff across the Saugeen River, Southampton Ontario. For me the best plein air light is first thing in the morning. I wanted to demonstrate to the participants of the Southampton Art Group that some success can be had by painting fast with confidence and not letting the analytical left side of your brain butt in and explain to you that you are doing everything wrong. Robert Genn calls it the `37 Club`. Finish the painting in 37 minutes or 37 strokes. I chose the 37 minutes although I think it was more like 29 which is also a prime number. The brush and oils were flying. The left side of my brain is saying at the moment `What were you thinking Phil? You didn’t cover all of the canvas! Are you stupid or just a lazy artist? Shape up and do it better next time...! The right side of the brain, which is always right, is patiently waiting to tell the left side to keep its opinion to itself.

Maybe my next canvas will be my new favourite. We can always hope. The title is rather puny because both the colours and reflections are fleeting in this subject. I prefer to see the humour in life!
Dark burnt sienna oil tinted 8x10

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