Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3D Water Vapour Imagery and Atmospheric Conveyor Belts

A meteorologist really needs to be able to understand the 3D flows in the atmosphere from some simple Sherlockian clues. I first dreamt of putting the water vapour (WV) brightness temperature on the vertical axis in the 1980s - it was a night shift for sure. However it was my co-workers at COMET who figured out a way to do this in an operational setting. Three dimensional WV motions are now clearly displayed. The complex circulations that occur as a system develops are now revealed without numerical simulations. I have been artistically hand-waving about these circulations my entire career but now they are on display for everyone to enjoy. This allows meteorologists to become situation-ally aware and to anticipate the weather. Otherwise forecasters become observers. These animations are best enjoyed with a beverage and a bag of popcorn.
By the way, this is just the tip of the research. Imagine panning and zooming these images to look at areas of interest in the real data...

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