Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flag Day 2014 - 364 Days to the 50th Celebration of the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag

The article by Ronald Zajac of the Recorder and Times does a nice and fair job summing up the event. I should loose 20 pounds but the camera doesn't lie.
Nothing was scripted but honesty doesn't need to be rehearsed. The paintings are indeed lessons in history, climate, weather, the water cycle and even sports. The hand of John Ross Matheson and Bob Harper were with me in every stroke. John picked the art work which I then blended into a composition which flowed anticyclonically through the seasons and Canada. Most importantly John instructed me on the colour of red that he envisioned. I have yet to find a tube of "Canada Flag Red" but I had no problem mixing my own and after a few trial and error sessions with John, we got it right - at least right according to John. That is all that really mattered to me anyway.
The value of the creations will be decided by others. A couple of years of effort is hard to quantify and luckily, I paint for the passion of creation anyway. Every canvas is another opportunity to try to get it right.
Here is the link to Ron's review of the event.
Note to self: never stand sideways to a camera...

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