Monday, February 3, 2014

Portage from Charleston

This is the view looking into the north basin of Red Horse Lake from the end or start of the portage from or to Charleston Lake - depending on your frame of reference. It was exactly 800 steps from water to water. In most places the portage was more like a sidewalk. Some low lying areas in the middle portion of the portage have well constructed board walks so canoeists wouldn't get their feet wet - not that they should care.
More fun on a small slippery surface. These "SSS" paintings are a joy for me to create. They also link me to my Dad who made the supporting frames from the cedar post of the back stairs of the home on East Avenue, Brockville. Parts of the post were rotten and after making the repair, Dad cut down the rest of the 6x6 timber to make stretcher frames. Waste not - want not. Many of these have been stretched with heavy canvas while some have been finished with plywood. The heavy canvas has a lot of tooth but the panels like this one have almost nothing to grab the oil paint. 

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