Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Morning Thunderstorm

Morning thunderstorms are much less common than those fueled by daytime heating. Nocturnal cloud top cooling can keep these nighttime cumulonimbus clouds thundering along but they generally also require the support of an upper trough and wind shear. Any thunderstorm that survives overnight is more likely to be a supercell that can deliver surprising wind, rain and even hail at an unlikely time of day. Such was the case for this summer morning at Singleton Lake. We did not receive any damage but areas to the north and east probably did - out of the blue.
There is almost no "tooth" to these gessoed panels so I have to lay the paint on thick - wet on very wet. It is a fun change for me... painting with pools and swirls of oil and pure colour. I did this in the comfort of my studio during the last winter storm...

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