Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chickanishing Creek

I guess the two 4x6 footers that I painted for the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag burnt me out. It was a huge job and only fellow artists who have walked those paths will understand. That's OK. Since then my studio works have all been tiny hunks of canvas and wood as small as 4x4 inches. I have had lots of fun during this very long and very cold winter - which is a direct result of Global Warming by the way. My plein air work is always 11x14 plus or minus with the plus getting to 16x20 inches.
In any event I picked up a 3x4 footer, gallery mount canvas today determined to breath more life into #0843 "Chickanishing Creek Meets Georgian Bay". That was a special day in 2006 and I think the painting deserves a larger format if I can pull it off. There are still some studio days to come with the wind, cold, snow and rain. The first day on this canvas went well. By the way, Singleton Phil was right about the long range forecast :>))

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