Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gull Rock

This hunk of marble in the west basin of Singleton Lake is a favourite perch for the gulls. They do quite a good job of white washing it. Some of the white wash is rather large and I wonder whether those spots could be from the great blue herons.
The water is quite shallow with lots of opportunities to scrape the hull of your canoe. East of this the water deepens to 45 feet or more. The lines on the rock edges chronicles the changing levels of Singleton Lake. Apparently we are at low ebb now.
The hand stretched canvas on a stretcher frame built by my Dad was different than the canvas used in #1406 "Moon Set". This canvas did not have a lot of tooth. It may have been because I put another coat or two of gesso on the canvas but I truly forget. In any event the oil slipped around quite a bit on the canvas.
I will take better images of these paintings when they are dry and I upgrade my 10 year old camera :-))

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