Friday, March 7, 2014

Significant Cedar

It snowed again overnight. Some people may be getting tired of winter but I have been loving it. It was too cold to paint this outside given the significant windchill but the environment inside the studio with the wood stove glowing red, was just right. The wind blew the snow that was laden on the branches off the large cluster of red cedar trees. This was a good thing for the flock of a dozen or so robins that never left for warmer climes. It exposed the small purple berries that were keeping them and the blue birds alive.
The view to the northwest is across the provincially significant wetlands that we protect, The forest lies beyond the frozen wetland. I really like how the sky colours peak through the forest. It was a fun day and I didn't freeze my hands and was not attacked by biting insects.
This is 12x12 inches in size and not quite done but you get the idea. 

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J & B said...

I get the "drift"'
Like it!