Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Morning Forest

The March sun may pack a punch of warmth but not until it climbs high enough to shine on your back. This is part of our forest at Singleton Lake. It is a very healthy ecosystem full of wild life. We just try to make it better. The forest has never been logged and there are some trees in it that are very, very impressive indeed. One red oak tree is about 7 feet in circumference and still healthy. A few very large red oaks were blown over in a wind storm during the summer of 2013. There is so much wood down that we could be furniture for a small city from it.
This view from a distance does not do the individual trees justice but that was the point behind this painting. I wanted to see the forest for the trees. I used a lot of paint and colour and had even more fun!
Oils on medium burnt sienna oil tinted foundation on commercial canvas. - 12 X 12 (inches) by 1.5 inches thick. I painted all of the edges too. 

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