Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Art is Science

I never fully retired in 2011 and continue to publish original research through my COMET co-workers in Boulder, Colorado. The COMET® Program ( has been turning this research into training modules since 2005. There are still many years of effort to go but a lot has been accomplished.
The “Satellite Palette” is sometimes called “Satellite Feature Identification”. The palette shows how art can be applied to satellite meteorology to better understand the real atmosphere. All of the modules are quite free- there are no conditions. Access to all of this educational material only requires your email and a unique password that you make up. COMET is an enlightening treasure!
The module just published is “Inferring Three Dimensions from Water Vapour Imagery” and it introduces a new way to depict and use water vapour imagery. This has been a goal for a decade but my buddies at COMET turned it into a reality. The first ever image created using these ideas is shown above. We have improved on this first try.  I invite you to take a look. The module is not too technical and it certainly is fun as it reveals that the atmosphere and the coffee in your cup are really just fluids!
Stay tuned for more modules, the “Radar Palette” and my research on performance measurement… it may be decades before all of this gets done so do not hold your breadth. 

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