Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Singleton Daisies

I needed a diversion from the clouds and these daisies were right around the corner. I try to paint daisies every year. They are a pretty and happy little flower and sprout almost anywhere without asking for any care. The leaves of the daisy are also good in salads. The daisy is also the April birth flower so I guess it is especially appropriate for me to try to capture in oil. I didn't count the petals as I painted but now, after the completion, there were 30 petals in the daisies that I painted. The white petals are stacked and overlapped so the number in the painting is what I saw - or close enough.

I have been unable to upload the images for the last couple of days. I have not discovered the "fix" yet but will add the images when I do. I found a "work-around"... not easy but it works.

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