Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paddle the Arch Tour - Charleston Lake – Saturday October 5th, 2013

The really long range forecast looks great! It will be a beautiful day. I will be the colour commentator for the Charleston Lake Tour this year. Don Cherry wasn’t available but like Don, I am very proud of Canada and that includes Charleston Lake. Typically my topics of conversation include Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, Clouds and Weather Lore, Climate Change, Art, Photography and don't forget the Birds and the Bees.
As a Founding Member of the "50 Years of Our Flag Committee" I can also address why Brockville is the birthplace of the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag and why John Ross Matheson is often referred to as the "Father of the Flag". Being a trained meteorologist I can also talk about things I have no special expertise in but can make it up right on the spot. If you have followed my Blog for any length of time, none of this would be news to you.
That's me in my floppy hat and sun glasses. More information can be found at the 1000 Islands Kayaking website: and

I hope that you can make it. It will be a fun day on the water with beautiful fall colours and great food.

Phil the Forecaster Chadwick

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