Friday, July 26, 2013

Katabatic Cold Front

A katabatic cold front is an inactive cold front. The winds in the warm air above the wedge of advancing colder air were actually subsiding instead of rising. This meant that only a handful of rain drops reached the ground instead of the predicted deluge. The sky is a book just waiting to be read. The approximations used in the computer model simulations of the atmosphere can lead to really poor forecasts just when you rely on them the most.

The winds were northwesterly aloft above the cool front and north-northwesterly winds within the cool air behind the surface cool front. Some of you might be thinking that this meteorology is too tough to understand. It is really just a fluid like in your morning coffee. The light northerly winds aloft were the only clue that a cold front was approaching. There were indeed scattered showers to the west along the north shore of Lake Ontario where the front received an added boost from the lake breeze front. There were very few if any drops of rain at Singleton Lake.

The fragrances that came from the wild flowers were quite beautiful. The deer flies that buzzed my head were the only irritants. I matched the colours of the clouds very carefully although they certainly were moving targets. There would be fewer clouds tomorrow with a ridge of high pressure building in.

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J & B said...

Love the way you painted that sky, especially the little bit of bright at the bottom corner, great brush strokes.