Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jim Day Morning

I thought the title was humourous with "day" and "morning" in juxtaposition. Jim Day Rapids is my swimming hole but I had to paint before I could justify going for a dip. I haven't missed a swimming day since June 1st. This is the first time that I have painted from this elevated vantage point looking down at the rapids. The water flow was still high after a wet June and July - but not as high as the 146 mm one day rainfall in Toronto the day before. A meteorologist lives to work on a record weather day and to get the forecast and warning right - before they occur.
The quasi stationary front dangling across southern Ontario was just north of Singleton Lake judging by the southwesterly winds shaping the clouds. It was also quite hot and muggy. Thunderstorms would be a good forecast focused along the Lake Ontario lake breeze convergence line. 

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