Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Can't See the Rocks for the Trees

The rain finally ended and I decided to head out with one more canvas. I stood on the same spot as I did for 1467 Frood Lake Rain. It was sheltered from the chilly northeasterly wind.
During the time of the Group of Seven, extensive clear-cut logging and fires had decimated the forests. The quartzite of the La Cloche Mountains was revealed and certainly attracted the artists. The Group had no problem seeing and painting the rocks.
The clear-cuts are now growing back. So much so that it is difficult to see the rocks for the trees. The views from the La Cloche peaks that drew (humour intended) the Group of Seven are now obscured by the forest. It is actually a bit ironic although the forest is certainly better for the nature of the area. I saw a pair of otters and a doe and fawn frolicked nearby as I painted.
Painting at the end of a day is satisfying. It is one more kick at the can and the darkness prevents you from over-working the paint. It was quite dark when I finished so I am not yet sure how I made out.

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